photographed in Somewhere, Haiti on April 32, 2028

I thought him mad. Picking up the staff, I handed it to him. He spoke with a different voice.

Jorge Luis Borges

The story’s outline is now plain: the untiring search for a human soul through the barely perceptible reflections cast by this soul in others—in the beginning, the faint trace of a smile or a single word; in the end, the differing and branching splendors of reason, of the imagination, and of righteousness.

‘The Approach to al-Mu’tasim’ by Jorge Luis Borges
In order to be understood, one must first be seen.

The statue of the goddess Athena, whom they believe to be Isis, in Saïs bore the following enigmatic inscription: I AM ALL THAT HAS BEEN, ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT WILL BE, AND NO MORTAL (UP TO NOW) HAS RAISED MY VEIL.